Created:19-01-2006 (last update on 03-05-2012)
Author:Ettore Rizza

How it works?
After you have created your document, just print it with a special printer that transfers the document to the LINUX server. The server has the task to carry out the conversion in pdf and to give it back to you. The user will found the PDF document opened inside the browser

HERMESpost allows you to view the PDF document BEFORE saving it on your machine.

HERMESpost has been realized in collaboration with Ettore Rizza (ettorer at compumaster dot it).

Technical Details

You can realized and print your documeent from whichever w2k application, using the HERMESpost printer. This printer, through the printer spooler, asks at the LINUX server to carry out the convertion of the printed document. Then the server gives back the PDF document to the user and HERMESpost will open the browser with the PDF plugins.

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