DanSelfDuty v.1.2 Download

Versione: 1.2 16-02-2007 36.21 KB 1255

Added site blocking and sites that should be always parsed by DG.
Corrected a css little bug found by Resoli.

License: GNU/LGPL

DanSelfDuty v.1.0 Download

Versione: 1.0 06-05-2006 17.02 KB 957

The first version of DanSelfDuty.

License: GNU/LGPL

DanSelfDuty v.1.0 debian package Download

Versione: 1.0 06-05-2006 16.97 KB 985

DanSelfDuty in a .deb package.

License: GNU/LGPL
Prima di analizzare il cadavere bisogna tentare di mantenerlo in vitaDiaolin

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