OpenVPNadmin WebMin 3.2 3.2

Created:14-11-2018 (last update on 14-11-2018)


01. Followed by Brad Gass on the possible values of the topology parameter in the VPN server (of type tun) and  its modification. Removed saving this option in case of tap server.
02. Updated WEB interface with the use of Webmin HTML visualization functions.


01. Adaptation of the interface to a new restrictive policy on the use of HTML forms by Webmin.
02. Update of the modification of the VPN Client in view and in saving so that the automatic data of the server are properly reported in the interface and saved accordingly (thanks to Brad Gass).
03. Modified the paths of the bridge scripts with the standard path of Webmin (signaling by Michele Mauro).
04. Following the indication of Michele Giorato, updated the ethernet reading through the ReadEths function for CentOS Linux 7.3.
05. Updated commands in action_vpn.cgi (eliminating sprintf) as indicated by Aslan.
06. As suggested by Francois Gendron, in the compiled fields of CA allowed the introduction of the 'without' character for this to create problems.

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